Literature by J: A short story called "Roads"

He slipped his hand into hers as they bounced along the dirt road. Swaying back and forth slightly as his old truck eased them toward the sunset. 

“Don’t be silly,” he said grinning, stealing a glance into her eyes as the rays of setting sun danced off her necklace. 

“You’re the silly one,” she fired back, laughing, giggling, pulling his hand tighter into hers while he leaned over to give her cheek a kiss. “Now watch the road, Mr,” she said bashfully.

They both smiled. He’d never been there before, this was her road. He was bound to get used to it though. 

“Here?” he asked, slowing slightly. 

“Anywhere is fine, darling.”

He pulled off to the side and brought the beast to a stop. There was no one for miles, no one they knew of. Fields and trees and honeybees. They had the golden hour all to themselves. 


They slipped out of the truck, he popped the tailgate and laid it down. She waddled around the bed, struggling to carry a giant bundle of blankets that seemed enough for a small army. 18 of them to be exact. With a heave the blanket bomb exploded into the truck bed, turning the harsh, metal bunker into a comfy, padded fort. 


He threw in some pillows and the ingredients for a night of star gazing were coming together nicely. She climbed in and he followed. Arranging their cozy bed with the utmost detail and care.  

They watched the sun slipping down. She laid snuggled in his arms and he kissed her forehead. They struggled to feel like the moment was real, but basked in the breeze of the evening and the stillness of the solitude, unbroken except for the thump of rhythmic hearts, beating faster than usual. The imaginary flutter of butterfly wings beat through their stomachs.

Seeing the sky darken and the moon rise he fished around the cab for the rest of the nights ingredients, pulling out firewood and root beers. As the flames crackled the light danced in their eyes. Both of them stealing glances. Both of them stealing smiles. Both of them stealing kisses. 


The fire roared and they told each other story upon story. Talked of books and movies, songs and places. Of the coffee shops to visit and the pies they’d not yet eaten. They joked and laughed as the hours passed. There was s’more roasting and pillow fights. A few songs on guitar and more than one slow dance beside the flames as they picked a song that could be theirs. 

They made memories of the night.


It didn’t matter the roads they’d gone or the places they’d go. All the roads they’d run would lead them back to here. 


Finally they retreated into the blanket fort, intertwined in snuggle too tight to let go. As they looked up in the heavens, with the twinkling lights beaming down, she nestled into him and closed her eyes. 

“I will love you forever,” she said softly, her head against his chest. 

“I will love you for always,” he whispered, holding her tighter in his arms.