falling apart or holding fast.

Things have felt like they’re falling apart lately. Really all summer if I think about it. Between all the personal struggles and the family losses this summer, it’s hard to ignore that life as I’ve known it is, well, changing. 

With everything the last few months has brought it’s been hard not to think about how the future is going to be so much different than the past, and that truly isn’t a bad thing. Losing two grandfathers in two months isn’t ideal, and in all honesty I haven’t fully understood how to let that settle in. But I know even that in time will be okay. 

For me, my mind keeps going back to the image of a ship in the storm. I’ve written it before that a smooth sea never makes a skilled sailer. However, this season isn’t about sailing, it really isn’t. You see it’s true, rough seas do make better sailers. The obstacle is the way and the more adversity you face the stronger you are on the other side. 

I’m looking forward to all of these benefits. Of being a stronger, better man in so many ways, and how blessed I am even for the hardships as a way to grow. But one thing I have been thinking more about is that when the storms comes up, you don’t really sail through them. 

When the storms comes you secure your anchor in the right place so you can weather the storm. So when everything is falling apart around you, you still have something to hold onto. You’re anchored, and the storm can rip things away, but you’ll remain, tied firmly. 

Right now, it feels like things have been falling apart. Like the storms of the last couple months just keep coming. But my anchor holds fast.

They beat and they blow, they get stronger as they come, the wind pounds and the rain falls. But my anchor holds fast. 

They’re hard things yes, they hurt and they bring pain and fear. They’re uncomfortable and lonely and they seem longer than you always want them to be. But my anchor holds fast. 

I know the storm won’t last forever and the skies will clear, and while in this season I know it’s a chance to continue to grow. Because if these storms can’t take me down, nothing ever will, because my anchor holds fast.