The Journal of J: Read ‘em Up. Read ‘em Down.

I come from a small percentage of writers who have done more movie watching than book reading. I’ve always spun this as a positive because I still learned a lot about storytelling and I believe my thoughts are less influenced and more original. 

However, recently I’ve been making up for lost time. Reading daily, finishing several books a month, and honestly wishing I’d been a bookworm in high school (I’d have made a great male version of Belle from Beauty & the Beast). 

I did read a lot in college, mostly because of the many books my English courses required. There is something to be said for reading because YOU want to though, and in that I’ve gone all in. 

Fiction, Non-Fiction, business books, novels, self development, historical biographies, if I enjoy it and can get something useful out of it then It’s on my list. 

My current or recent reads include the following:  


I heard it said once: “We’re the sum of the books we read.” 


That seems pretty evident to me just from the last few months. And the growth I’ve experienced is worth the amount I’ve spent on literature. View it as an investment, an important one, one I’d recommend to anyone. 

So there you have it, read ‘em up, and read ‘em down. 

Read Up!!! XXX

Read Up!!! XXX