Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them: Coffee Shops

This was always intended to be a series but of course, like most things, fell ill to laziness. Well now I’m finally continuing it, take that laziness!

(Read the first installment here)

In this edition of Fantastic Feasts we’ll look into the coffee shops of Nashville and I’ll hopefully French press some recommendations right into your cup. So without further a brew, here are my Nashville Coffee Shop picks.



While this list isn’t in any order, this shouldn’t really come as any surprise that I’ve listed this one first. Not only do I walk here from the apartment but it’s also my personal favorite in the city.

Crema is an in-house roaster which not only features South American and African sourced beans but also has a few of their own drink versions which haven’t been beaten elsewhere. Among them: The Cuban which is essentially an espresso & sweetened condensed milk latte, an Almond Milk Latte with a blend of almond milk & coconut milk that is heaven, and THE world’s best Avocado Toast.

The flow of coffee and conversation is equal parts hipster and business and I’m never surprised to find a music star sitting at the table next to me.

Jordan Tip: An afternoon Iced Cuban with Avocado Toast and Chocolate Chip Cookie for dessert.

Rating: 5 out of 5 espresso machines



Barista Parlor:

There are a few of these around Nashville and they honestly make the list half on quality and have on aesthetic. The place is gorgeous, worth a trip just for the experience and the Gram worthy photos. Sleek & retro, hip & modernly defined, it’s a bright and colorful experience just sipping and snacking.

The coffee is good and the treats are better. From homemade pop tarts to Five Daughters Donuts, you can’t go wrong with a snack and a mug. Community and bar seating throughout along with a multitude of products and swag. The branded mugs make for a great picture with one of the motorcycles in the background.  

Jordan Tip: Try the coffee milk shake if you fancy and for the love of cappuccino get a breakfast biscuit. Seriously. Get it.

Rating: 4 out of 5 cold brews



8th & Roast:

Once an even more “local” spot than some of the other local shops, 8th has opened a couple more locations including Sylvan Park and the airport. For the full experience you’ve got to go the original, hidden 8th Avenue South location.

Like the rest of these on the list, they have an in-house roaster and unlike some of them they’ve got a lot of other breakfast and non-coffee items. Included in this are some great tea options, sodas, yogurts, salads, and biscuits and breakfast sandwiches to name a few.  Their breakfast and lunch menus are superb. 

Jordan Tip: Start your day off with a Nutella Latte and breakfast burrito. Or end your day with it, or bookend it, you can’t go wrong!

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 coffee mugs



The Jam Coffee House:

This is a hidden gem in my opinion. Because of its proximity to Belmont University it is known amongst the youths, but most people I reference it to have never heard of it.  If the Barista Parlor is retro/modern then The Jam is just retro, and it’s perfect.

The menu is full with breakfast and lunch options, they even have smoothies, and the low-key vibe is a nice relax from the usual hustle of the busy Nashville coffee shop. Classic vibes and a record player, comfy chairs and couches. Work, chat, and enjoy.

Jordan Tip: The breakfast sandwich here is my all time favorite. I also always get the Local Buzz, a honey and vanilla latte worth the trip.  

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 coffee bean grinders



Honorable mentions:

Three Brothers Coffee

Ugly Mugs Coffee & Tea

The Post East

Frothy Monkey