J in Jamaica: Day Three

The events of Sunday July 15th.

Sunrises & Sundays. Why a 5am wake up call?

Because the only thing better than a stroll to the ocean is a stroll to the ocean to watch the sunrise.

I’ve never before seen the streets of Sav empty, but they were. As my friend Amy and I walked along the straight road to the coast it became evident we were just about the only ones up on a sleepy dawn.


By 5:45 we’d discussed deep issues of purpose, a groggy trudge had become nearly skips, and we were in position as the sun crept over the distant mountain ridges. My camera shutter fired away as Amy joined a Jamaican man, Trevor was his name, watching the inlet’s waves dance with golden reflection and crash against the rocks.

Morning Glory.

Morning Glory.


After a bit we again wandered into the fort and found our toes in the sand as the Caribbean lapped against our ankles. The morning finished with stories and updates of Amy journeys and my adventures in Nashville.

I knew Amy for a week eight years ago but instant connections sometimes make powerful friendships. I hope she felt inspired the way I did as I returned to my room to shower, eat, and dress for church. Not necessarily in that order.

The morning energy continued through church. The slotted windows, ceiling fans, and open doors did their best to waft away the imposing heat but our attitudes weren’t dampened, even if our clothes were.

High Heat. Higher Praises.

High Heat. Higher Praises.


You can never escape the sweat in Jamaica. Not in the non-air conditioned buildings, 15 passenger vans stuffed to over capacity, and the sky so clear even the trees beg for shade. You can’t escape the sweat in Jamaica, you just accept it.

With damp brows we headed back for lunch and back out to spread the word about the weeks VBS and Bible Studies. Driving up rural mountains and giving out hand written notes about the events sounds ridiculous in the states but in Jamaica it’s the easiest way to spread the news.

Monday the real work begins. A week of VBS and Bible Studies in the morning, children and adults picked up from their respective hoods, and driven in to the local church. The van loads fill into the 20s and 30s sometimes. Stuffed in and driven hastily by a few of our group in rounds so that we can gather as many of the surrounding areas of people.

This monumental effort is then followed up with a greater one as afterward they’re all transported again to the neighborhood from where they came. In rounds of overloaded loads we go.

The days activities slow a little as we recharge. Braving the evening to head out again to the church for a nightly gospel meeting of sorts. Songs, sermons, and so much love it’ll fill you up. 

The night drives are filled with conversations, delirious laughing, and singing. Anything to get our minds off the impending doom of the speeding Jamaican drivers skipping by and the potholes that hide waiting in the shadows.

We regroup, we eat, we sing and study, and then we get ready to do it all again the next.