All Things Considered.

I told myself this blog wouldn’t be complaining about complaining, but, can we talk about complaining for just a quick hot second?

I’ve made a lot of changes since the New Year began. Some have been publicly documented on here while some have been privately executed on my own.

Either way all of them have been an improvement in my life and pursuit of happiness. However, one has far out weighted the rest: Attitude

I could balk and squawk with the best of them. If I really wanted to I could find many an issue or item to complain about. What I realized at the end of last year is that wasn’t getting me anywhere. That wasn’t accomplishing my goals. That wasn’t making me happy.

The airing of grievances should be reserved for Seinfeld’s Festivus and the rest of the year should be about the gratitude for what we have and the positivity that we have the power to change things if we don’t like them.

So get out, get on it, and if you don’t like what’s going on then change it.

It’s made a big difference in my life. I know it can in yours too.