Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them: Tacos

This blog post is part of a series of blogs I’ll be doing showcasing food spots around Nashville, TN.

To dig right in I thought I would start with tacos. Everyone has his or her own taco preferences but I’ll be highlighting the best of urban taco joints the Music City has to offer.

Realistically this is just a collection of my favorite taco places in the ville of Nash.

I have yet to try them all but while there is still time on God’s green earth I shall consume any and every taco in this city has to offer.


In no particular order:

-       Local Taco:

While I am not ranking these against each other I do consider this to be one of my favorites in Nashville. All around they have wonderful and succulent tacos, a chip & dip platter that includes salsa and queso AND gauc, and mexi tots. The only way I can describe mexi tots are Hispanic hush puppies (also known by me as Callete Perrito’s) mixed with tater tots. They’re marvelous. Some of my favorites are the southern fried chicken taco and a Korean barbeque taco and can be enjoyed at all three Nashville locations. Bonus points because they have TV’s behind the bar which makes it less awkward when I go there by myself. Double bonus points, their East Nashville location has dog friendly outside seating so you might get to pet a strangers dog too.

Taco Score: 4.5 avocados out of 5.


-       Mas Taco:

Many people consider Mas Taco to be the best in Nashville. They are definitely in the running.  This East Nasty (Code for the Nashville area east of the Cumberland) taco spot has a great selection of your typical taco choices and offers Mexican street corn, which means you can’t go wrong. The only downside is its usually crowded and there’s usually a long line outside the building. They also only take cash, so bring your pesos and accept that you’ll get a farmers tan as you wait in the southern sun.

Taco Score: 4 jalapeños out of 5.


-       Taco Mamacita:

Edge Hills taco haven is located in cute strip of food, beverage, and taco places. Loads and loads of appetizer options from gauc to salsa and nachos several different ways give something for everyone or everything for someone, depending on your style. They have plenty of taco options as well which include my favorite, a Shrimp Po’ Boy taco. The outdoor seating area is great but uncovered so I would advise not sitting there for lunch, or wearing one of those umbrella hats if you do.

Taco Score: 3.5 tortilla chips out of 5.


-       Bakersfield Taco & Tequila:

Slap my burro and call me salsa cause Bakersfield has the best queso in Nashville. While I enjoy their tacos passionately, favorites being the Fish and Bistic, this taco spot is worth visiting for the queso alone. Served in a cast iron pan with melted cheese on top, it’s the perfect blend of creaminess and spice. The tacos come on house made corn tortillas and while there aren’t a large amount of taco selections you can’t go wrong with any of them, unless you’re a vegetarian. There is also a large bar area that is always crowded so I assume they are as good at alcohol as they are at queso. Bonus points they also have TV’s and these TV’s typically play classic western movies.

Taco Score: 4.5 limes out of 5.


While these are not all of the taco spots in Nashville they are, in my opinion, the best of the ones I’ve eaten at.

I’d love to hear what places I missed and what your favorite local taco spots are where you live?