Write More. Think Less.

When I realized I wasn't going to make everything perfect and that I was going to make mistakes, or just create things that might need more work, is when I finally started writing things worth reading.

There is a certain perfection paralysis that I have always suffered from. The idea my first draft had to be my best draft. That regardless of what I was doing, there shouldn't be need for revision.

I've always known this tendency in myself, but awareness to realize it was harmful is a recent development. For me the largest issue was in my writing. The tendency was to internally manipulate anything I put on the page, before I actually put it on the page. That perfect sentences and images had to spout from within instead of just unbridled ideas.

As a writer I know I am not alone in this struggle. The urge to edit your creativity before it even leaves your body is a strong one and to be honest I am still working to remedy the issue.

However, awareness is half the battle and small changes have a big impact.


My solution is thinking less.


It's that simple and that hard. It means turning off my mind when I write which is sometimes no easy task and sometimes isn't even possibly.

But when it is it means I just write.

I just let the words come. The creative flow. The story pours out raw but beautiful. It isn't begrudgingly molded to fit my idea of immediate perfection. It's free and glorious and pure.


It will need work. It will need care and chiseling, sanding and smoothing. Sometimes a good hacking here or there but the hardest part is done. Getting it out how it wants to be told and not how I want to force it to be.