The Journal of J: National ___ Day

All year long I see different “days” displayed as “National this or National that” Day.

There’s so many of these “National ____ Day” going around. There’s too many of these “National ____ Day” going around. It’s honestly hard to keep up with them. 

I saw posts recently for National Dog Day, then soon after National Puppy Day, now today is National Pet Day. Aren’t those a little too similar? Couldn’t we just knock them all out with one “Pet Day” and hit all of them? When will the madness end? 

Not only are there too many “days” to count on any given date on the calendar but there’s really no validity of what day is actually for what. Who’s the governing body of these days? 

National Left Hander’s Day is supposed to be August 13th, yet about 4 times a year I see people posting on social media that it’s “National Left Hander’s Day!” 

Now as a lefty I’m extremely pro Left Hander’s Day, but who decided it was August 13th? No one asked us Left Handers. I didn’t vote for that. 

A world where anyone can just claim any day is National This or That Day isn’t a world embraces organization and structure. It all boils down to chaos. 


So there you have it, National National This & That Day is Stupid Day.