The Journal of J: People & Cars

No I’m not talking about the movie Cars and people’s odd obsession with it. 

I’m talking about the odd, twisted, and ridiculous things people do inside of a car. Things that no one would ever do face-to-face somehow become the norm when you step inside a motor vehicle. 

A perfect example is how we treat people on the road. Ever cut off someone in traffic and they show you the rage of Samson? You know what happens when you do that to a person on the street? 

Typical you both say “I’m sorry, it’s all good” and go about your day. 

Not on the road. Nope, you cut someone off and they basically run you off the road, then they hunt down your family and tell them how you deserved it. 

It’s not just road rage though, ever seen people park their car? 

You can definitely tell who colored outside the lines when they were a kid. 

Parking in America is a downright travesty. People taking up two spaces, people parking at an angle in straight spaces, don’t get me started on people who park in the handicap spots. 

People park like their the only person on the tarmac and all these other cars are just movie props. It’s madness. 

That doesn’t even touch on the weird things we do in or with cars. 

Why does every human in existence feel the need to look over at the face of the person they just passed on the highway?

Has there ever been a highway pass that didn’t involve a look from one driver, a return look from the looked at driver, a hast look away from the initial looker, and then a weirdly cautious gaze as the first looked upon driver watches the looking car continue on it’s way. 


Every. Single. Time. 


I don’t get it, are we worried there isn’t a person driving the car? 

Do we think we’ll just look over as we pass them and see a monkey and be like: “Ah, that explains it. I thought I saw a banana bumper sticker.” 

And do we expect them not to look back? 

Both people are somehow surprised. 

“Why did they look back?! Don’t they know I’m just looking?!”

“Why is he looking in the first place?! I know I’m a passing looker but what gives them the right to subject me to a drive by looking?!”

I’m convinced the madness will never end. 

So there you have it, automobiles turn people into weirdos.