The Journal of J: Cats & Dogs

Maybe it’s my cat socks, or because I follow multiple cat celebrities on social media and have bought their merchandise, or maybe it’s just because I share a house with two kitties that I gush over daily (you don’t actually own cats you just live with them).

Whatever the reason, I’ve developed a reputation as a Cat Lover.

Now I’m not denying it at all. I love cats, I love my cats, I love all cats. What I don’t love though is people assume that I don’t like dogs.

I like dogs. I love dogs. They’re great, they’re fun, and just like kids they’re better when they aren’t yours.

This isn’t a jab at dogs, don’t worry it is a jab at kids, but it’s true. Cats are just easier, you can leave them for hours, days even and they don’t even know you’re gone (I do recommend having someone feed them or using an automatic feeder though).

Now I could go into all things cats, like how it’s basically like living with a baby lion or that the only reason they don’t eat people is because of size, but this blog is about cats AND dogs.

My first pet was a chicken but I’ve owned dogs, I love playing with dogs, even dog videos are great (I mean they aren’t cat videos).

It is funny though, the typical reaction of a cat person when asked if they like dogs: “Yes they’re cute and fun! I like doggies too.”

The typical reaction of a dog person when asked if they like cats: “A cat killed my great grandfather and stole our family fortune. Cats are my eternal enemy.”

Like a “typical cat person” I do like dogs. My first best friend was my dog Spoticus, a spunky miniature schnauzer mix and the reason I’ll probably always own cats from now on.

Dogs & cats are part of the family in different ways and each way is special in its own. I love that I live with cats and that I get to risk my life every day in the presence of my tiny tigers that could attack at any moment.

I also love that I had dog who loved me more than I ever deserved and was my buddy from the minute we saw each other. He helped me grow up and never stopped wagging his tail along the way.

So there you have it, I’m not crying, it’s just raining cats & dogs.