The Journal of J: J is for Jordan

If you hadn’t noticed the J who’s journal this is, is me: Jordan. And what you couldn’t have noticed yet is that this journal is part of my Everyday Challenge (For more on that click the link).

Basically I am doing something specific everyday for one month, for the whole year. January was dieting , February was write a letter, March was reading, and April is blogging. Everyday. 

It’s been fun and challenging. I had to call an audible too, March was supposed to be a video blog (Vlog) everyday but with some work load increases and time constraints I’ve moved that back to this summer when it’ll be more optimum for all of us.

So as I fully introduce this daily blog, and begin to exhaust my list of topics that are hopefully interesting enough to read, I figured I’d introduce myself a little as well. 

I assume most people who read my blogs know me personally, but whether you do or don’t know me already, here’s a few tidbits to make you feel like you could ace the newlywed game as my partner. 

  • A boy called Sam.
    J wasn’t the first nickname I was given. I’ve been called a lot of names, but the first nickname I wore was from my oldest brother Jonathan. Despite his best efforts my parents named me Jordan, after the river (is it bad I always think of me when the Jordan River is sung in church hymns?). That didn’t hinder my brother from calling me “Sam” for the first 10 years of my life. So much so that there were actual children & parents in our neighborhood who didn’t know my real name was Jordan. 
  • Two Dolla bills y’all.
    I pay for almost everything in $2 bills. The little known but glorious form of currency is one of my favorite things about America. Good ole Thomas Jeff. on the front, the Founding Fathers signing our Declaration on the back, and it makes store clerks count by twos, what’s not to like?
    While it can be a little awkward when I’m paying for something and someone doesn’t believe my money is real (it’s happened a few times), and I do have to order a bulk supply from the bank, it’s worth any trouble to secure and use my favorite cash.
    The $2 bill brings a smile to just about everyone I hand it to and I won’t stop, not till they pry it from my cold, dead hands.  It always sparks a conversation and connects two strangers, and that’s good enough for me.
  • J of all trades.
    While I do hope to be a master at some, I have experienced a number of things in my short life and have some hobbies or passions that aren’t always the norm. While I played typical sports growing up I also played hockey which isn’t weird except that I grew up in Florida. I have a huge passion for sailing and spent summers on the deck of my grandparents boat or at sailing camp. I love woodworking and building things, I have a hobby of drafting building plans for dream homes or workshop spaces, and I am a self proclaimed Sommelier of Root Beer.
    I was homeschooled growing up (people always say that explains a lot), I'm a 4th generation left hander, and I'm really, really good at tying shoes. 
    All in all, I'm no more unique than anyone else, but I am different, and that makes perfect sense to me. 

So there you have it, Jordan in J shell.