The Journal of J: China Cabinets

I should probably start by stating I have nothing against fine china, on the contrary I actually have a fondness for both the pomp & circumstance of special occasion dining as well as the “Republic of” that I one day hope to visit extensively.


But as we move away from the actual dishes and toward the concept of the China Cabinet is where you lose me.


I think where the disconnect comes is that I’ve now lived in downtown Nashville for three years and in apartment life you are not afforded such luxuries of space that allow for china cabinets.


Now if we can so easily live without china cabinets then it begs the questions why do we need them?


A china cabinet seems to say things like, “look at my plates” or “I host oodles of fancy parties”, and “I enjoy hand washing dishes for hours!”


I just don’t know if I’m ready for statements in my life like that.


Now you might say: “Well you don’t own china!”


That’s where you’re wrong (cause China actually owns us with all that American debt)….okay back to something more serious.


We do actually own china, and it’s either stored in regular cabinets or in a cardboard box. No cabinet needed.


But it isn’t just china cabinets, it’s other furniture too. Those little tables in entryways, does that vase really need it’s own table?


Why do people still have chandeliers? How do you even dust those things? That’s really holding their status over someone’s head, literally.


Unfortunately we live in a crazy world and I don’t have all the answers, but hopefully asking these important questions get us closer. 

So there you have it, never trust a china cabinet.