J in Jamaica: Lift off

The nomadic & whimsical J is off to Jamaica.

J is for Jordan of course, that’s me, and I’m flying to Jamaica this morning to join up with a group from all over who come every summer (and sometimes winter too) to teach about Jesus and help serve the Christians at two local congregations.

Many moons ago I was fortunate enough to go and have finally been able to make it back this year (with some much appreciated support of my own congregation). It’s no easy work. It’s no easy task. It will be a week of sweat, sweat, and maybe some tears in the harsh environment that is this impoverished and ‘third world’ country.


But I’ve been looking forward to it oh so much.

We’ll be stationed in Savanna-La-Mar, a small port town roughly a two hour drive to the southwest coast of the island. We’ll teach, sing, listen, help, heal, learn, and laugh together as we share the good news.

(Here are some film photographs from the trip 8 years back)

I plan to take lots of photographs. I plan to write some about the experiences and happenings. I plan to do what I can to make an impact in the lives of the people I come in contact to, because I know they’ll have an impact on mine.

Along the way I hope to update these adventures here, assuming I have the connectivity to do so (Apparently WiFi has come to Jamaica since my last visit but the reliability and access is spotty and limited).

I appreciate your thoughts & prayers for the whole group not just for the daily work but also the travel and safety that are often at risk in a place so foreign.