Figure The Rest Out Later

This week the best piece of advice I received was: Figure out the rest later.


Normally this might sound like “fly by the seat of your pants” mantra or the “winging it” creed. And, at least in part, it sort of is.

It does come with a stipulation though. That being: commit first, figure the rest out later.

This piece of advice was so pertinent to me this week because this year is all about finishing the things I’ve started. I stayed away from writing a “New Year New Me” blog which clutters the Internet this time of year and henceforth I have avoided posting since Christmas.

But part of finishing, the most important part, is staying at it.


Day in, day out.

However, this goes by the way without the commitment. I know.

I’ve committed before. I’ve dabbled in it. I’ve been good at committing and I’ve been bad at it.

Part of that is that we feel as if we have to have things figured out to make the charge forth. We have to have the goals mapped and the path set.

I’ve only been alive some twenty something years, but I’ve learned that isn’t how life works. Plan all you want, but life will change them.

It’s not to say we shouldn’t plan either.

No one ever retired wealthy by not planning.

But don’t plan your way into paralysis. Don’t let not having a plan keep you from starting, or continuing a dream.


I don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t know where I’m going.

But I know this year it doesn’t matter. This year I’ll figure it out as it comes, I’ll make it work, and I’ll finish the trip hoping the journey has just begun.


Here’s to a blog a week. Here’s to finishing my novel. Here’s to the Chinese who apparently are a month and a half behind us in celebrating a New Year.
Happy New Year or what not, I’ll figure the rest out later.