What's the Deal With Hand Dryers in Restrooms?

I wonder if the guy who invented the hand dryer in public restrooms thought it worked and was a great invention? 

It would seem that he had to be either incredibly optimistic or unbelievably delusional. 

One could also assume that while he created the devise that he actually never tested it, furthering his optimism or delusion. 

Furthermore, because of the functionality of the machine I believe that unlike Edison, who created 1,000 versions of the lightbulb before he got it to work right, that this person actually went to market with the first version possible of the invention before it actually worked correctly. 

If he though this a legit invention I can only assume this theory as a means to explain the utter disappointment of which the invention actually operates. 


This leads me to a possible conclusion that, did he in fact know they didn't work and is really the best salesman in modern history? 

This has several aspect worth exploring. 

Not only could he have been the most gifted sales person of our age, but it could also have been the most elaborate long con ever. To get an entire generation, or at least the International Board of Public Restrooms, to believe that these devices actually dry hands is a sham up there with movie theater concessions & calling American Cheese, cheese.

However, there is another possibility from this ‘greatest salesman/con man’ philosophy. It could also be the biggest practical joke of all time. 

I imagine for years following his invention, and what must have been some kind of universal contract deal seeing as they are in almost every restroom ever, that he sat, alone, surrounded by stacks of money and laughing continuously that people actually thought his invention was drying their hands. 

While I doubt it often, I’m sure when he himself visited a public restroom that he often stood and stared joyously as countless individuals waved their hands franticly underneath his new, automatic blower. 

First right below the nozzle, then roughly six inches as the diagram on the machine illustrates, then shaking their hands any and every way possible as the machine refused to turn on. 

They stand with soaking wet hands, unsure whether to use their pants or not. Then, for roughly 1.7 seconds the blower kicks on and blasts air over their dripping hands before quickly turning off and leaving the entire cycle to either start again or end with the persons hands still wet and disappointment on their face. 


Whatever the case, I think it is safe to say that whatever the story behind the public restroom hand dryer is, it is, in fact, the worst invention ever created.