The Everyday Challenge.


I promised a blog before I returned from my January Facebook hiatus and while this one might be coming in with only a few days to spare, it’s better that it is. I’ve spent January working on some things: habits, traits, health, fitness, and well, me.

It’s been a great month and most importantly, a rewarding one. Without really knowing it I stumbled upon some insight, wisdom, and growth just in the microcosm of me that I was trying to work on. That said, I also stumbled on something else.

Most New Years I set goals for the New Year. I don’t call them resolutions, mainly because I don’t like the term, but I set goals and I enjoy it. In the past I’ve hit and missed all sorts of my established “goals” and after making some big decisions and learning a heck of a lot in 2017 I sat down the end of December to evaluate where I was at and where I wanted to go.

What came out of it was a plan to establish several traits in myself that I had assessed as the keys to accomplishing my 2018 goals. My plan entailed spending January working on self-discipline, focus, prayer, and thoughtfulness. Then come February I would apply those engrained traits toward accomplishing my tangible goals for the year. Simple enough concept and, to me, a unique but logical way to approach things. However, not the reason I am writing this blog.


If you’re interested in my approach to goal setting and how I approached this “trait building” then “goal application” concept I’d be happy to talk more about it, but the main reason for this blog is the something I stumbled upon this month. An idea, and honestly another goal to add to my other five or so, “What if I challenged myself to do something everyday, all year?”

Now, to make this a little more realistic, and honestly more beneficial, I thought, “well what if the thing I do everyday changes each month?” That way I not only practice the daily discipline, but I grow in 12 different areas not just one. If it takes 21 days to develop a habit then one month of something is enough, next month I change it to another everyday goal.

This isn’t to say they all have to be things that turn into habits either. Some of mine will be habit oriented, but some of them won’t. One of the reason’s for getting this idea is my January Paleo diet that I’ve done everyday. While I won’t be eating paleo the rest of the year, the habit of healthy eating I’ve developed is something I plan to keep around.


Some of my months will be centered on other tasks or areas. February is International Correspondence Writing Month, so February’s Everyday Challenge for me is going to be to handwrite one letter, everyday.

Simple as that.

For March I’ve decided as VLOG Everyday Month where I create a video of my day or a short film every, single, day.

I don’t have every month planned out but I’m throwing around all sorts of ideas. Another might be a fitness month where I go for a run everyday, or write a blog everyday, there’s lots of possibilities.


So, that’s my plan for 2018. I’ve got several other goals centered on things I want to do and accomplish, and adding this one will be hard, but I think it’s going to be well worth it when 2019 comes knocking on the door.

You’re welcome to play along and start fresh in February with your own Everyday Challenge, or send me some ideas of things I can do for a month (like adopting a new cat EVERYDAY for a month).


At any rate, whether you’re joining me, helping me with ideas, cheering me on, or telling me I’m an idiot and can’t do it, thanks. It means a lot. 


2018 & the Everyday Challenge. Let’s get it.