Update from the Outernet

13 days down, 17 days to go.

The month off social media is well under way.

The adjustment has been weird, the disconnect evident, and the benefit confusing.


Recently I’ve realized putting perfect expectations on everything is fairly foolish.  

I don’t think it’s bad to aim for perfection. A pitcher should start every game with the goal of putting up 9 scoreless, hitless, walk-less innings.  

What I am realizing though, is that life isn’t perfect. One change can start a domino effect but, in life at least, all dominos don’t always fall. 

I didn’t expect everything to change when I deleted Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat for a month. I didn’t expect to get in touch with another side of myself and unlock something. I didn’t expect to be reborn into a world of wander and focus and catch flame as I throttled forward in life.

Okay maybe I did expect a little bit of that, and maybe a little bit of that happened.

And maybe a little bit of it didn’t, and maybe that’s okay.


What a September to Remember, as I’ve self-dubbed it, is all about is responding. It's giving me the time to focus on the things that matters most. 

Controlling the things I can control, doing the things I can do, and realizing that how I react to whatever comes my way is all in my power (and generally more important than what is actually happening).  

There’s an old saying about when life throws you lemons. What no one tells you is that life is throwing those lemons as hard as it can right for your head. In order to make lemonade you better be able to react right.

 My life hasn’t changed in 13 days. It will take a lot longer than that with a lot more challenges and a lot more hard work. 


My life hasn’t changed in 13 days, but maybe it’s changed a little bit.