Feel the Burn.

There's been lots of talk about feeling "burns" lately.
I'd like to talk about a less political one that hits close to home for me, and probably you too.

Everyone has one.

Sometimes two or three.

It’s what you love to do, or were made to do, or what gets you up each morning.

It's your passion.


Finding it can take years. As I’ve previously illustrated, society can beat the different out of us.

It can take courage to find it and dig it from underneath the years of neglect.


But, it doesn’t stop there.

Your passion is like a fire.  You’ve got to start it small. Kindling the first flames. As it grows load more logs on.  Make it bright and make it big. Let it burn inside you and then let the world see.

I think sometimes we jump the gun on passions.

Let it burn inside first. Let that flame kindle. Let it burn so hard it consumes you and everyone can’t help but see it.


That is when magic happens. That is when big, mysterious things come to light.


You have to have the fire first. You have to cultivate it. That is when you’ll see it spread. Just like a wildfire, just like nothing else can.
“Fire is catching” as Katniss Everdeen says.


Find your passion. Unearth it. Light the fire. Stoke it everyday. Then burn baby, burn.


Is your fire burning?