Weird is the New Black.

Have you ever seen little kids in a group?

They’re weird. They’re really weird. But they’re all unique and different too, and gosh they're so weird. 

Kids are strange and they’re not afraid to do or say or be anything they want.

Then something happens in high school. We begin to fit in. We begin to file ourselves into society. It extends into college where we decide our entire futures during freshman year. We don’t want to be unique; we want to be normal, just like the rest. We forget we're weird and special.

I’ve walked this path myself. I mean, you can only hide so much weird, but I’ve conformed and I’ve tried to lay down in the right form so I too would fit that cookie cutter for my life. Little, normal, cookie Jordan.

Now as delicious as that cookie may be, it's not who I am.

I hated it. It was not fun. 

Different is fun. Weird is fun. No one stops and says: "Look how normal that person is, I bet they're interesting." 


                                                           Don't be afraid to stand out.

                                                           Don't be afraid to stand out.

Nope. Weird things tell great stories. Things that are different get noticed. 

Don't be afraid to do something that no one else is, or in a way no one else is. This is how we make wonderful, new things. If no one did anything different we'd still only have cave drawings for art. 

I don't know your passion but mines creating. Mainly in writing and stories, but honestly anytime I am making something new of my own I am truly happy. I got through many of my less-than-interesting college classes doodling cats.

I'm not sure your passion but I know you can bring something special to it. Something unique that no one else could bring.

You're different, but that's wonderful. 

You weren't born to be a cog in the wheel of life. You were born to be the wheel of your own unicycle. 

Be. you. Be unique. Be different. Be weird, it's the new black.

What's the weird that makes you, you?

Thank you for reading!