2017 & The Comeback Kids

However, all of my goals were made because 2016 was terrible. 

Maybe not for everyone, definitely for celebrities trying to live, but I personally found myself sad, defeated, and upset at the year I had and the goals I had not accomplished. Through laziness, time, work, lack of focus, you name it, last year ended without me taking steps forward, but unfortunately taking steps back. 

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I once had courage.

There wasn't much that could get in my way and even less that could stop me. Somewhere along the way this gets lost. We get lost. We lose sight. 

I once had.

It isn't so much a fatal injury. Not so much a dead end turn. 
It is a cut that will leave a scar. It is a course that needs correcting.

I once.

It's a number of feasible, understandable, acceptable reasons.
Or maybe it's excuses. 


Don't say that we lost it. More than likely it's just hiding. If you don't use it, you lose it. Thank goodness that lost is not gone. That lost is just waiting to be found. That there is still time. 

 I have.

There may be some distance between me and the man I want to be. There may be miles and oceans. It may take years to get there. But we forget just how important the journey is.

I have courage.

We forget that dreams are salvageable. 
We forget that salvaging is an action. 

I have courage again.