The Journal of J: Cooking

I like to cook. 

Maybe it’s because my mom was always in the kitchen. She’s prepared just about every meal I’ve ever had in her presence. As I got older I think I just absorbed the understanding. I don’t remember any formal lessons but I definitely picked up a few things. 

Let’s be honest, I probably like it because I love food. I like being able to make food so I can eat food, and being better at cooking means you get to make (and eat!) a larger variety of food. 

This brings me to the point of today’s blog: A Call to Cook. 

 It seems that lack of cooking or desire to cook is a larger and larger sentiment. I like to cook and I enjoy doing it and I know others may not feel that way but I still think it’s a needed skill that shouldn’t be overlooked. Here’s a few things that I get out of it: 

  1. I can provide for myself. I can eat as much food as I can prepare. I’m not at the liberty of a restaurant or a microwave. Sure I didn’t go out and kill the food but I definitely know how to prepare it, and that’s literally half the battle.
  2. I can provide for others. Not only can I make myself things to eat and make sure I don’t starve or suffer through the blandness of living off the dependency of the grocery store, but I can cook for others. I can cook for parties, I can cook for dinners, I can cook from friends (and enemies I suppose) and that’s a great feeling.
  3. It’s an accomplishment. Speaking of feelings, accomplishment is a great one and learning how to cook is easier than people think but still provides the satisfaction. Cooking in it’s simplest form is following directions. Yes there is technique & skill involved but in the beginning it’s simple step-by-step instructions and there’s never been more tools out there to help (Youtube exists ya’ll).

In the end there’s something special about a home cooked meal. About a labor of love that takes its final form on serving plate and manifests itself via smiles & full bellies. I enjoy it and I encourage it, give some cooking a try. 


So there you have it, if you can’t take the heat, you should probably get out of the kitchen cause you’re burning it down.