The Journal of J: Best of the Blog

‘Twas the best of Jordan’s blog, Twas the worst of Jordan’s blog. 

Well, really this is just what I think are my best or favorite blogs. 

Seeing as I'm now halfway through April, and my Blog Everyday part of my Everyday Challenge, I figured it might be a good time to fill space and take a look back at some of my favorite blogs (outside of this past month).  

This is the blog that I questioned the conspiracy theory no one is talking about: How in the world haven't we revolted against the hand drying methods of public restrooms?

Everyone complained when I blogged about beards but where were they when I told the world how to be Satirical manliness is just as important as normal manliness. 

I don't always blog about holidays, but when I do it's about Valentine's Day. And I also tell you how handle V-Day and I don't mean Veterans Day. 

Okay I lied, I do always blog about holidays. In this case I cover the Christmas songs that need to be put out to pasture, and then beaten behind the woodshed, and then put in the corner to think about what they did. 

This is probably my favorite blog ever written. I like to think I have a talent for writing paled only in comparison by my talent for re-writing other peoples classics. Eat your heart out Charles Dickens. 

So there you have it, a walk down memory lane with myself.