One Up Culture

I love social media. There are definitely things about it I dislike, mainly political arguments, political memes, the spreading of false information, and the way people sometimes treat others when they disagree and can hide behind a computer screen.

However, just like in the ‘real world’ if you can get past people acting like idiots, there’s so much good. Ultimately whether on social media or in daily life, it’s up to us how we act, treat one another, and react to how we’re treated.

I believe this extends to what has been on my mind with Valentine’s Day approaching.  One thing that is great about social media is the ability to share events and aspects of ones life. But, it is up to us on how we handle that. I don’t think there is anything wrong with posting fun, cool, and enjoyable events online. Or heartfelt, sweet messages with a picture of your love on Instagram. I do think we need to consider our motives behind it though.

Social Media Envy is something I don’t think people often give much thought. Let me state a shocker: Social media posts aren’t real life.

Let me explain that a little. There is MORE to someone’s life than what they post on social media. Much more. Social media is an avenue that can open the front gates to a person’s life but at the end of the day you’re still only looking at their manicured to perfection, nicely landscaped yard. You are not seeing inside the house where they live and breath. 

This epidemic is a silent joy killer.  Depending on your reaction and processing of what you see it makes it easy to fall into a place of malcontent with your own life. But, and what my blog is more specifically about, it can lead you to a disease I like to call: One Up Culture.

Your attitude to what you see on social media can literally change the way you live your life. It can lead to actively making choices so that you can post these events on social media and subsequently one up your friends and family.

I bring this topic up on Valentine’s Day because of the on slot of “love” posts. And let me state, THERE IS NOTHING WRONG with doing something amazing for or with your Valentine, or posting about it. However, this should happen because you love the person, not because it will be great for a post. I guess what I’m saying is pay more attention to why you’re posting what you are.

In the end, these are just my opinions. If for some reason you want more of my opinions on Valentine’s Day, you can find those here <3

So that’s my two cents. Remember, not only on Valentine’s Day, practice safe social media posting.